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Library Book Check-Out


We at Creek View School are very proud of our school library and the many wonderful books it contains for all our students.  We are doing everything we can to protect and preserve these books.  We constantly work to monitor and control loss and damage to our school library books.  Our Media Clerks, classroom teachers and students will all be very conscientious about the care and inventory of our Creek View School library books.


We ask parents for their help too, in maintaining our school library and its books.  At the beginning of the school year, every parent is notified of parent liability for district property.  Parents are asked to sign the Library Book Check Out Policy each year.  However, it is not our intent to emphasize this liability.  Rather, we would like parents to join with us in instilling responsibility in all our students.  When your child brings home a library book, speak with him about how to properly care for that book and to always keep their books in the same, safe place.  Working together, we can teach valuable life skills and reduce our books loss and damage.


Students in grades 2-5 are allowed to have two (2) books checked out at a time.  Books are returned typically on a weekly basis but long chapter books are often renewed for longer periods of time.  Kindergarten and 1st Grade students are allowed to have one (1) book check out under their name.  Books that are returned damaged will either have a damage fee assessed or the student will be charged the full replacement cost of the book depending on the severity of the damage.  Students are not allowed to check out if they have lost or damaged library books.


Textbook Policy

Instructional materials (including, but not limited to textbooks and library materials) are an expensive resource and each student is entitled to sufficient instructional materials in accordance with law.  Instructional materials provided for use by students remain the property of the district.  Students are responsible for returning borrowed materials in good condition, with no more wear and tear than usually results from normal use.  When materials are lost or so damaged that they are no longer usable, the student shall be immediately issued a replacement materials.  When materials are damaged but still usable, the Superintendent or designee shall determine an appropriate charge.  In either case, if reparation is not paid by the student or parent/guardian, the district may withhold the student’s grades, diploma and transcripts in accordance with law, Board policy and administrative regulation.

Damaged or Lost Instructional Materials (Ed Code 48904, Board Policy 6161.2)

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I desired, students may come to the library with a pass during their lunch recess time in addition to their weekly classroom visit.