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Each student will have a lunch account.  Students will be able to pay for lunches in the cafeteria before school.  Payment should be placed in an envelope with the child’s name, teacher’s name, and amount enclosed.  Payment from the envelope will be credited to the student’s account.  When a student chooses to buy lunch, the cost of their lunch will be deducted from their account as they go through the lunch line.  Student lunch counts will be taken in the classroom each morning.  Students who were on free or reduced lunch last year, will continue to receive lunch on that basis, until a new application is approved.

  • All students will eat lunch in the cafeteria.
  • Please see the grade level schedule for your class’ lunch time.
  • Noon aides have been retained by the District to relieve teachers of noon duty.  However, primary responsibility for the control of individual students still rests with the regular teacher.  Follow-up of any problems reported by the Noon aide will be the responsibility of the respective teacher.  Creek View School will be using citations to report student misbehavior.  Students that engage in inappropriate lunchroom behavior or procedure may be given time out in the lunchroom.  Students will be assigned lunch tables by classroom.
  • Each teacher will escort his/her class to the lunch area. Students will be held for approximately 15 minutes to allow them to eat their food completely.  If they don’t finish in the cafeteria they may finish their lunch on the patio.
  • Students buying milk may do so at the milk cart.  Milk is $.50.
  • There is to be no pushing or loud talking in line.
  • Saving places or giving cuts is not permitted.
  • Talking in the cafeteria must be confined to children nearby and in a quiet voice.
  • Each child will be responsible to clean up around his/her eating area
  • When released by the lunch duty supervisor, all children are to leave by their designated door and walk to the playground.

No student should go without something to eat at lunchtime – unless they refuse to eat.  Students without a lunch or money will be allowed to call home or be offered an alternative lunch.


Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Laura Franco

Dropping off Lunches for Students

Whenever possible, please make sure your child has their own packed lunch with them when they arrive at school.  We understand that occasionally mornings are rushed and parents need to drop off sack lunches in the office.  Please let your child know that you will be dropping off their lunch in the office.  The office staff makes every effort not to interrupt instructional time.  Please make sure that you write your child's name and teacher name on their lunch bag and place it on the corner table in the school office.  Thank you for your cooperation!